“Create your own graphic patterns”, with this objective in mind, he designed in 1969 “Puzzle panels” or “Participations”, which are graphic modular components, large creative puzzle-pieces one can reposition or play with to create endless graphic “totalities”, new images. It turns the art-lover from a watcher into an active creator or “participator” liberating his or her creative potential, artistic joy and fulfillment. Together with friends in the USA, they formed “Thingks Inc”, a little company to produce and sell art-objects made on an industrial scale and affordable for every art-lover at a low price, available in leading Museum art-shops. This was Bob Daenen’s dream to merge art & industrial design into one product, one integration, a kind of “democratic art” in contrast to the “multiples” available on the art-market (which are often scaled down copies of “one original” sold expensively X-times, keeping sculptures “exclusive” for the so-called “happy-few”.)

The “Puzzle panels” were produced in laminated foam with recto-verso two colors. The material offers some flexibility and press-fit into a vacuum formed frame that can hang on the wall. Each day you can recreate your design & let your creativity flow.
Art has no strict “function”, whatever the debates, but nevertheless art should liberate, reveal or confront, in other words; art should open our vision, our creative and mental potential.