Industrial Design

Bob Daenen’s short text expresses his vision on design professionally & intellectually:

Good design defines the essence,
the soul of the product, its reason of being.

Good design expresses time beyond the time,
expresses the culture, the art of living.

Good design reflects the conscience of the creator,
the quality of the maker, the mind of the user.

Good design sets a mark, leaves a fingerprint
in our thinking, reveals the human touch, silently.

This text also reflects the social-cultural dimension of design, which was part of the education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (in the sixties), still echoing the broad “Bauhaus” philosophy. This vision moved slowly to a more economical, or commercial focus, when the early (more local) “manufacturing-economy” moved towards a “marketing &sales” overbalance, due to the “surplus-economy” creating heavy competition in a global environment. Design became more & more a “competitive-advantage” strategic tool, where often the “façade-design” or “styling” took over from the “content or in depth” innovative design. We could notice the same tendency in fashion, in music, in the media, in many domains, and even in art, where the quick success and profits overrun the quality & long-turn objectives.