Graphic design

Making sketches, drawings, playing with lines, with black & white shapes, moving to graphic design, it always formed for Bob Daenen a natural creation process, already from his childhood.
At fifteen years old he illustrated the school stenciled monthly bulletin, at 18, he designed the covers of the weekly KVHV bulletin of the University of Leuven.
After graduating from the Design Academy, he started as graphic designer for various organizations, editors, for radio & television.
The borderlines between industrial & graphic design are paper-thin, as both are realized through “machines”, the challenging & intriguing “realization-medium”, the mechanical extension of the human hand, asking the mind to think differently.
The osmoses of the creative mind, the hand and the machine define the quality of design.

Often images are projected in your mind beyond closed eyes, they flow trough your fingers, taking shape on paper, on canvas or in words.
Thoughts & images trying to find an escape through the easiest channel, showing you the preferred and most natural expression medium.
Creative pressure and processes go & pass by mental or analytical borders, they find their way as inner-rivers always finding their original source and watercourse (similar to blood and nervous systems).
Creativity is a gift we all received in lesser or more degree. It forms, together with freedom and love, the three greatest gifts in life. Our happiness hinges around the way we optimize positively those gifts for others and ourselves.