I paint the landscapes of our lives, the mountains of our fears, the flowing rivers of our thinking. I paint the landscapes of our feelings,

structured in colourful layers of doubts, misty misunderstandings, vague words unspoken, hidden in the shadows of our valleys, the rocks of our beliefs.

I paint the horizons of our dreams, the skin of the earth, our skin, the heart of the volcano, our heart, the source of the sea, our source.

I sketch the growing landscape, our natural roots, our forgotten unity. I paint the reconnection, making the relation visible, colouring blind eyes.

I paint inner-landscapes reflecting nature, searching for harmony, building bridges of balance, trees of strength, mirrors of beauty, anchors of love.

Painting and poetry overlap (as illustrated in the above text of Bob Daenen), so does all art forms. We make the segmentations, the divisions, we classify in boxes in the hope to understand, to control. But in fact, we do loose the holistic totality, by sticking those labels we do reduce the potential, the great vision, we imprison the creativity, the growth and the imaginative freedom.

Art liberates our eyes, our thinking, and our heart.

His paintings will be grouped into four phases:

1 - Early work: lyric abstract paintings in de sixties
2 - Geometrical abstract work in the seventies
3 - Work of the eighties
4 - More recent work